Mars Ice Challenge Resources

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  1. Reaching 1m Deep on Mars - The Icebreaker Drill
  2. Planetary Volatiles Extractor (PVEx) for In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
  3. MEPAG Report with regard to ISRU and Mars (look under the Working Group and SMD Reports)
  4. Mobile In-Situ Water Extractor (MISWE) for Mars, Moon, and Asteroids In Situ Resource Utilization
  5. Methods for cuttings removal from holes drilled on Mars
  6. Laboratory drilling under Martian conditions yields unexpected results
  7. Enhancing cuttings removal with gas blasts while
  8. Drilling Systems for Extraterrestrial Subsurface Exploration
  9. Considerations, constraints and strategies for drilling on Mars
  10. Testing of a 1 meter Mars IceBreaker Drill in a 3.5 meter
  11. Phoenix soil physical properties investigation
  12. NASA Mars 2007 Phoenix Lander Robotic Arm and Icy Soil
  13. Hecht Mars Soil from Phoenix
  14. Ground ice at the Phoenix Landing Site Stability state and origin
  15. Results from the Mars Phoenix Lander Robotic Arm experiment
  16. PubMed Central Database of Published Research Funded by NASA
  17. Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group